Top 5 Bestselling Invicta Pro Diver Watches – 2019 Update

Quick Reviews of the most sought-after Invicta Pro Divers

Invicta pro diver watches are right choices for users who’re seeking for a good-looking & dependable low-price diving piece. These watches are not No.1 in terms of quality, but with such attractive prices, their appealing designs and undisputed reliability exceed customers’ expectations.

Why choose Invicta pro diver watches?

  • Affordable prices
  • Classy & dressy appearances
  • Fit in well with almost any kind of apparel
  • Reliable Japanese or Swiss movements ( quartz & automatic)

Are there some shortcomings? Yes, of course!

  • Styling: not aesthetically unique (Rolex look-alike)
  • Stiff bezel
  • Water resistance: the 660 feet rating is questionable

Now you know what to expect from a budget Invicta pro diver? It really is a steal with its price of less than $100, but only when you learn to accept its imperfections.

Following is a list of the 3 bestselling Invicta pro diver watches for you to consider. In case you don’t like the colors or the sizes, Invicta also offers a wide range of variations for you to choose from. Now, let’s begin!

Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB Stainless Steel Automatic

Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB

Perhaps this is the best-known watch in the whole Invicta pro diver series, the reasons seem to be obvious:

  • It’s perfectly sized at 40mm to fit a wide range of men’s wrist.
  • The black tone is extremely easy to combine with different kinds of clothes, from casual to formal. You can dress it up or down!
  • Look much more expensive than what it actually costs.
  • Reliable Seiko automatic movement – the NH35A caliber.
  • Attractive price (I think this is the most important)

Shortly, the Invicta 8926OB is a good-looking & dependable versatile timepiece. However, with products at this price range, imperfections are inevitable.

The most controversial aspect is the watch’s styling, I can say for sure that over 80% of the Invicta 8926OB details are similar to the classic Rolex Submariner 116610LN. You can’t tell the differences between an Invicta and a Rolex at first glance.

The Rolex- inspired designing is the one decisive factor that makes the Invicta 8926OB be favorite among many affordable dive watches. However, this style also drives people, who’d like to possess an aesthetically distinct timepiece, away from this watch.

Despite its borrowed design, the Invicta 8926OB is not a low-quality repliwatch. Beating inside this timepiece is the Seiko NH35A automatic movement, it’s a real workhorse that is durable and keeps proper time (be off about 15 seconds per day), it suffices to show Invicta’s quality commitment.

The exhibition case back allows you to see the movement ticking inside the timepiece. Though it is of no use in adding attraction to your watch in  the eye of other people as no one else but you can view the caliber inside, observing your watch’s heart beating is still a little thing of joy!

The 60-click bezel is not something to be praised. At first, it’s quite stiff, you have to rotate it about 20 times to get it loosened up. Since the bezel is a painted metal frame, you had better treat it gingerly or else it will quickly accumulate scratches overtime.

The cyclops at the date aperture is meant to provide better readability, but it seems to be a nuisance to me. It’s quite vulnerable to bumps and hits, moreover, it makes cleaning the glass much more difficult, I have to use brush to get the job done instead of simply rubbing the watch against my shirt. Fortunately, you can easily remove the cyclops with a gas welder and a knife, or you can simply replace the original crystal with a new outright flat one without cyclops.

The watch’s water resistance rating is higher than ordinary dress watches, you can go swimming, take showers, go diving or snorkeling with it. However, it’s quite risky to bring this watch along with you when going on a true 660 feet scuba dive, I’ve read some people’s reports about how their Invicta died in a deep scuba dive. In other words, it not a downright dive watch, just a highly water-resistant timepiece with diving style.

The Invicta 8926OB is a good timepiece, but there’s still some minor shortcomings that you should expect at its price point. The 8926OB has a range of variations for you to choose:


Invicta Pro Diver 8928OB 23k Gold-Plated & Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic

Invicta Pro Diver 8928OB

This is a cousin of the 8926OB mentioned above, they share the same functional properties and designing cues, only have some differences in colors. The 8928OB is a two-tone watch which can be regarded as the flashiest timepiece in the whole Invicta pro diver series.

In my opinion, it is more of a dress watch than a dive watch. The royal blue dial is well matched to the gold-plated stainless steel bracelet, making for a striking appearance. When being exposed to a strong light source, the blue dial has an appealing look with purple fringes showing up. The anti-reflective mineral crystal reduces the watch’s flashiness a little bit, but it provides a transparent display in compensation.  

Since the watch’s styling is so glossy and vintage-inspired, you should expect it to shine with more formal apparel. The Invicta 8928OB looks (intentionally) very similar to the Rolex Submariner 116613, so it makes a great deal if you want a budget Rolex remake with acceptable quality, but if you need an aesthetically distinct piece, you had better opt for a Japanese automatic dive watch (Seiko, Orient are examples).

It worth noting that this gold-plated watch is even easier to get scratches than the 8926OB due to its vulnerable plating, so don’t treat it as a beater watch.

The Invicta 8928OB also makes a perfect gift as it looks much more expensive than what it actually costs.

Some variations for you to consider:


Invicta Pro Diver 8932 Silver-Tone

Invicta Pro Diver 8932

Unlike the two previous watches, the Invicta 8932 is a quartz timepiece, not an automatic one. Thus it’s much more accurate but costs less money than the 8926OB & 8928OB, but it’s a matter of taste that users keep choosing automatic watches no matter how inaccurate they are.

In term of design, the 8932 is indeed a mini version of the 8926A, the case size is reduced from 40mm to 37mm, and the stainless steel bracelet just remains 17.5mm in width. Despite its modest dimensions, the 8932 doesn’t look too small on your wrist. The lugs are longer than those of the 40mm 8926A versions in order to remedy the small case.

When it comes to water resistance, this Invicta 8932 is not as good as its automatic cousins. The watch does not have a screw-down crown, so it is not well protected against water at a high depth. Don’t mistake me, the 8932 is still a good waterproof watch, but its water-resist capacity is a little lower than other models which feature screw-down crowns.

You will notice that the unidirectional bezel of this watch is extremely hard to turn at first, even harder than that of the 8926OB, but it’s not a huge deal because it will loosen up soon due to your frequent use.

Invicta also offers some similar models of the 8932, but in different colors:



Within the price range of under $100, the 3 most sought-after Invicta pro diver watches mentioned above are real bargains. Despite some flaws which are inevitable for affordable dive watches, these timepieces still provide users with durability and reliability that you might not see on more expensive watches.

In terms of styling, these pieces are not good choices for watch collectors who want uniquely-designed products. However, for ordinary users who don’t care much about uniqueness, these timepieces are among the rare budget watches with classy appearances.

Oversized Invicta Pro Divers

If your taste runs into oversized timepieces, I think these 48mm watches below are worth your attention!

Invicta Pro Diver 6981 Chronograph

Invicta Pro Diver 6981

This is not a modest-sized watch by any means! It’s not only large (48mm case), but also rather thick (17mm thickness). The band width is wider than normal, too, it’s 26mm. This piece may look so awesome and stunning on a big wrist, but if your wrist size is average or below, just forget it!

As you can see in the picture, the watch dial is a perfect combination of black & gold. It looks charming but not too flashy, so you can dress it up or down freely. However, as this is a gold-plated watch, it would better suit formal apparels.

What I like most about this watch is the calendar. Do you agree with me that it looks much better than traditional rectangular date windows? The see-through sword-shaped minute & hour hands are designed to blend in with other details on the busy watch face. I also like the way Invicta borders 2 subdials with metal, the dial would be too much of black without them.

The polyurethane strap is soft & comfortable to wear all day long. Some gold-plated stainless steel accents really make it look more charming. The gold buckle is also a plus, but it will accumulate scratches overtime as you’ll mindlessly rub it against desktop more than often. Unfortunately, this type of buckle is not easy to find replacement, so you had better treat it gingerly!

Beating inside this watch is the Swiss-made Ronda 5040.D caliber. What makes it different from other quartz movement? Precision? No, any quartz is highly accurate. It’s the power saving mechanism that can reduce energy consumption by 70%, so the battery life can be up to 54 months, which is very impressive.

When it comes to water resistance, I think this is not a reliable scuba diving watch. Of course, it’s a better waterproof piece compared to other ordinary wristwatches. You can swim with it, snorkel with it,… no problems, but for deep scuba diving, you’d better try another watch. The 6981 is just water resistant up to 100m (330 feet) at best, but it’s just in theory, its water resistant capability at high depth is kind of his-or-miss.

The chronograph function is rather good, it’s capable of counting tenths of seconds, measuring up to 30 mins. But I think few people care about this function when buying this watch. Invicta just needs a reason to add 3 subdials and 2 pushers to the 6981, making it look cooler. That’s all!

In conclusion, the Invicta 6981 is a very good choice if you want a wristwatch that is:

  • Oversized
  • Diver’s-styled
  • Highly water resistant (for water activities, except deep scuba diving)
  • Classy, dressy looking with gold stone

In case you don’t like a black & gold watch like this, there’re a few variations with different colors for you to choose, check out on Amazon!

Invicta Pro Diver 0070 Chronograph with Stainless Steel Bracelet

Invicta Pro Diver 0070

As you can see, this 0070 shares the same main design cues with the 6981. But there’re a few changes that make a big impact:

The date window at 4 o’clock & the Cyclops (magnifier): in this model, Invicta returned to their traditional way of displaying date. No more exhibition calendar!

The dial looks less crowded & contrastive: without the exhibition calendar which is mainly for ornamenting, the watch face is left with just necessary details. The radiant blue background does not contrast with the silver hands & subdials as strongly as on the 6981 (gold vs black).

Scalloped bezel: I prefer this style, and it is also easier to grip and turn!

Brushed stainless steel bracelet with 2 parallel polished inner lines: This is the biggest difference between the 2 watches. The metal bracelet really makes the 0070 look more robust & rugged than the 6981. Thick, large, stainless steel from A to Z, this 0070 is a tank on your wrist. I just wish that my wrist-size were big enough, I would buy a 0070 without hesitation, it’s very cool!

The Ronda 5030.D caliber inside this 0070 just has a few minor differences to the 5040.D. You can read complete technical documentations of them here, and here! In my opinion, they’re almost the same!

The water resistance rating is 200m (660 feet), double that of the 6981, now you can go deeper underwater with it! But again, I don’t trust Invicta diving pieces so much when it comes to deep scuba diving. You had better not dive up to 200m with this watch!

So…the Invicta 0070 is suitable for whom? Well, if you want an extremely rugged watch which has diver’s-style, solid metal body, this tank-like timepiece is made for you! But make sure you have big wrists first!


These oversized Pro Divers are not for anyone, they’re just for big guys! There’re not so many good -looking watches which are larger than 45mm. Why? Because they’re hard to sell, very simple! Invicta is among the few producers who can offer you nice big watches at small prices. What about the quality? Well, don’t compare them to high-end pieces, but solid finish & reliable movement are what you can expect from these watches!


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