Best Dive Watches Under $500 (Reviews) – 2018

best dive watch under 500

Do you want a quality, budget-friendly dive watch that is very reliable with a good design? Initially you might say yes then suddenly stop in disbelief because they usually come with a high price tag.

Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll be discussing great examples of the best dive watches under $500! These budget-friendly timepieces enjoy quality design, functionality, and looks that are too good to miss.

ImageModelMy RatingDiameterMovementReviews
Seiko SKX007K2 Automatic Dive WatchSeiko SKX007K29/1040mmSeiko 7S26 Automatic (21j)Read My Review
Orient Ray II Automatic Dive WatchOrient Ray II
8/1040mmOrient F6922 Automatic (22j)Read My Review
Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Automatic Dive WatchHamilton Khaki Navy Scuba (No longer under $500)9/1041mmETA 2834 Swiss Made Auto (25j) Read My Review
Seiko SSC017 Prospex Solar Powered Quartz Dive WatchSeiko SSC017 Prospex9/1044mmSeiko V175 Solar QuartzRead My Review
Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Solar Powered Quartz Dive WatchCitizen Eco Drive Promaster
8/1043mmCitizen Eco-Drive Solar QuartzRead My Review
Citizen Eco Zilla Solar Powered Quartz Dive WatchCitizen Eco Zilla7/1048mmCitizen Eco-Drive Solar QuartzRead My Review

Best Automatic Dive Watches under $500

Seiko SKX007K2 Automatic Dive Watch

The Seiko SKX007 is a very popular choice for dive watches under the brand. This is mostly because of its versatile and matching look which can fit almost any style.

It features the LumiBrite technology, a safe illumination innovation that gathers light and can glow for long periods of time in darkness.

It also has the famous 7s26 movement, launched in the 90s which brought Seiko’s technology to greater accuracies.


Seiko SKX007Features
MovementJapanese Automatic 7S26 (21j)
Band MaterialRubber Strap or Stainless Steel Jubilee Bracelet
Case Diameter40mm (Stainless Steel)
Case Thickness13mm
Water Resistance200m (660ft)


  • Versatility in design makes it fitting for most outfits and personal style
  • Hardlex crystal is tougher than normal mineral crystals
  • High accuracy with 7S26 automatic caliber
  • LumiBrite technology makes the lume bright and long-lasting
  • ISO 6425 certified


  • Some users dislike the crown that is placed at 4 o’clock
  • Seiko jubilee bracelet is just so-so, not top quality

Is it for you?

If you want an all-fitting design on a dive watch with a moderate-sized case diameter, then this is a perfect choice. The black and silver color tone of the Seiko SKX007 fits most outfits ranging from everyday use to semi-formal occasions where you want a simple, yet fitting timepiece to don.

It has the basic features of a timepiece and is well-equipped for recreational diving, proven by its ISO6425 certification. Its materials are also of great quality considering its price, making it very popular for many fans of dive watches.

Notable improvements are its movement and lume. The 7s26 movement makes the timepiece a great find with its highly accurate movement that is time-tested (just runs off about 10 seconds per day, more than acceptable for an entry-level automatic watch).

Its LumiBrite technology takes watch lume to the next level by providing safe, bright, long-lasting illumination and efficient light collection.

Orient Ray II Automatic Dive Watch

Boasting an elegant-looking design that has been a popular choice for years, Orient’s Ray II is also a popular diving watch from the brand.

This timepiece improves from its predecessor, all while maintaining its budget-friendliness. Notably, it has a simpler design, removing the 2 o’clock pusher, a better lume, and the F6922 movement.

There are actually 2 variations for the dial of the Orient Ray II, both of which are popular. The first is the black matte dial and the second one is the blue radiant dial. This two colors offer variation for those who prefer one dial over another. The band is stainless steel or rubber for both types.


Orient Ray IIFeatures
MovementOrient F6922 22j caliber
Band MaterialStainless Steel
Case Diameter40mm (Stainless Steel)
Case Thickness13mm
 Water Resistance200m (660ft)


  • A solid finish
  • Suitable to any other watch band you may prefer
  • Push button at 2 o’clock has been removed
  • New F6922 movement ensures more accurate time


  • The painted bezel may accumulate scratches through use
  • The stainless steel bracelet is not very impressive
  • The lume is not so good, better than the version I, but still weak

Is it for you?

If your style is flexible that changes from time to time and needs a versatile yet elegant-looking timepiece, then the Ray II is a great choice.

It is an improved version from its predecessor that improves on its new movement & simpler design.

The timepiece is also flexible to any type of band you may like to use, whether it’s triple row metal bracelet, a Nato/Zulu strap, or a traditional leather strap with buckle.

As a budget-friendly offering from Orient, it definitely is a great choice for an affordable dive watch. You could choose the design on the dial, either matte black or radiant blue.

The design can go with any style and the functions are sufficient that even if it isn’t ISO certified, users have no complaints when diving.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Automatic Dive Watch

Interestingly, the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba is a Submariner homage that also maintains lots of unique traits from Hamilton, such an impressive combination!

Take note that this timepiece is a waterproof diver-style watch and not an actual diver’s watch, which are both very different classifications.


Hamilton Khaki Navy ScubaFeatures
CrystalSapphire Crystal
MovementETA 2834 (25j)
Band MaterialStainless Steel
Case Diameter41mm (Stainless Steel)
Case Thickness14mm
Resistance100m (330ft)


  • It fits most styles ranging from casual to formal
  • Sapphire crystal is one of the toughest and most sturdy materials
  • Can function and retain its look for a long time
  • Swiss made ETA Automatic movement provides excellent accuracy


  • 100m resistance makes it unsuitable for scuba diving, just snorkeling and light water sports
  • Dial design may seem full and crowded for some users
  • The lume lacks brightness

Is it for you?

If you opt for a diver-style timepiece for its looks, then the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba is a good choice for you. It is a “desk-diver” watch, designed to look like one but is not fit for actual diving. However, the design is in and of itself a great reason to buy this timepiece.

The silver color tone and the black dial can go with a lot of style preferences. It is a good Submariner homage besides being a functional watch on its own. Users who choose this usually go for its look and design.

Best Quartz Dive Watches under $500

Seiko SSC017 Prospex Solar Powered Quartz Dive Watch

Seiko SSC017 Prospex is a dive watch that boasts a great timepiece with a solar charging feature. Its design fits most styles that you won’t have a hard time pairing this up for whatever you’d wear for the day.

The V175 movement offers chronograph functions that are basic but sufficient with up to 60 minutes measurement. Its accuracy and performance is definitely something you can look forward to.

The SSC017 Prospex features solar charging that lets you store up power for your timepiece.

It also features the LumiBrite technology, allowing the watch to maximize light storage and illumination during night use.  This charge may roughly equate to 5 hours of brightness from a 10 minute light exposure.


Seiko SSC017 ProspexFeatures
MovementV175 Solar Powered Quartz Caliber Movement
Band MaterialStainless Steel
Case Diameter44mm (Stainless Steel)
Case Thickness14mm
Water Resistance200m (660ft)


  • A dressy timepiece that fits any look and style you want
  • Hardlex crystal is a tougher material compared to usual mineral crystals
  • Chronograph for recording time
  • LumiBrite technology efficiently utilizes light to its functions
  • ISO certified


  • The buttons may initially be hard to push
  • The metal bracelet is small and thin in proportion to its case

Is it for you?

The Seiko SSC017 Prospexis a beautiful solar powered quartz dive watch that offers more than the basic functions.

Its LumiBrite technology makes the timepiece a great companion in the dark as this feature also aims to help prolong the life and convenience of the watch for any use.

The dressy look of the timepiece makes it easy to pair up with almost any personal style you want and its performance as a dive watch is not compromised.

It goes with a lot of outfits given its simple design with silver and black color tones. The touch of blue on its bezel makes it different from the usual neutral tones and adds character to the timepiece. The look and features truly make this an affordable treasure.

Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Solar Powered Quartz Dive Watch

Citizen’s Eco-Drive series is very famous in North America and all over the world. It brings with it the technology and innovation that has made its series a popular choice for wristwatches.

The Eco-Drive Promaster is solar-powered and does not need replacement batteries to keep moving. This technology is a perfect fit as it makes the dive watch a great choice for outdoor adventures and can be recharged with every trip.  It can even stay up for 6 months in total darkness after a full charge.

An Eco Drive watch can convert any light no matter how dim into power, so you don’t have to worry about the power source!


Citizen Eco-Drive PromasterFeatures
MovementCitizen Eco Drive Solar Powered Quartz
Band MaterialMolded Polyurethane
Case Diameter43mm (Stainless Steel)
Case Thickness12mm
 Water Resistance200m (660ft)


  • Fits with informal styles with its sporty look without the bulkiness
  • Eco-Drive feature that maximizes light conversion to power
  • Super Luminova technology is non-toxic and bright, long lasting, perfect for diving
  • Option for charming dark blue or matte black dial
  • ISO certified


  • Band may be uncomfortable for users because of stiffness
  • The crown at 4 o’clock may be off and not preferred by some users

Is it for you?

If you opt for a sporty or informal look for your style preference, and would like a strong lume, then this is a great dive watch for you.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster is a pretty straight-forward timepiece that focuses on its Eco-Drive technology that utilizes light efficiently.

The look of the timepiece is more fitting for people who have an active lifestyle and is best used for casual events or for your everyday routine. The blue and silver color tones evoke a fun and informal feeling for the usual watch user.

Citizen Eco Zilla Solar Powered Quartz Dive Watch

As far as dive watches go, the Citizen EcoZilla is a beast in this list as it boasts a large size with a higher water resistance rating while still under $500.

This timepiece has a unique “armored” look and feel to it, making it a suitable companion for the great outdoor adventures you may have along the way.

A notable feature is the crown placed on the left than the usual right, meant to provide more protection.

As part of Citizen’s Eco-Drive series, the EcoZilla features the ability to take up light from any source and convert it to power. The watch’s lume is also very strong and can light up brightly after a good amount of exposure to light.


Citizen EcoZilla BJ8050-08EFeatures
MovementCitizen Eco Drive Solar Powered Quartz
Band MaterialReinforced Urethane
Case Diameter48mm (Stainless Steel)
Case Thickness19mm
Water Resistance300m (990ft)


  • A beast in this list and has a large size fit for people who like large watches
  • Has a bold look that increases its rugged and manliness for users who opt for the style
  • Eco-Drive feature that maximizes light conversion to power
  • Super Luminova technology provides a bright lume that is non-toxic
  • ISO certified
  • Very high water resistance at 300m


  • Not for everyone as it is a large dive watch
  • Some users feel that the dial is too small compared to the large bezel and case
  • May be too thick and heavy for some

Is it for you?

The Citizen EcoZilla exudes ruggedness, a cool dive watch that fits people who love large timepieces and those who love to dive.

As it is called, EcoZilla is a word play from Godzilla, referring to the timepiece as a monster of boldness and largeness. It fits large people, those with an active lifestyle, and people who like to travel a lot. Its 300m water resistance makes it capable of withstanding pressure from dives.

It is very rugged-looking and fits its functional use for diving. Its black and silver color tones and large size make it more fitting for specific people. This offering from Citizen proves that functionality can come from simplicity through innovative technologies.


Trusted brands such as Seiko, Hamilton, Citizen, and Orient are the usual places to go for guaranteed great quality watches. The prices are affordable and the features are varied. Their style compatibilities depend whether you are active or not, or would use them on formal or informal events.

In this article, we’ve listed 6 of the best dive watches under $500. There are 3 from automatic dive watches, and another 3 for quartz timepieces. Each of these timepieces has their own specialties where they excel and certain limitations where they can fall.

As with any timepiece, it depends on your preferences which you’d rather have and not have, or whether it fits your daily routine ultimately.

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