Men’s Favorite Accessories Along With Wristwatches

Wristwatches can be a lot of things for many people. Oftentimes, their style choices include a wristwatch and then a lot of other things, creating an ensemble that completes a set. This creates the identity to which a timepiece usually only helps embolden.

Sporty, formal, or casual, these are some of the most common style combinations that men have when wearing their wristwatches. In this article, we’ll discuss each of the three, their matching wristwatches, and their favorite accessories. These combinations are the most usual types, creating a statement with each look.

Sporty Style

The great outdoors is definitely an adventure that requires the guidance of a good wristwatch. Besides telling time, it is a multi-purpose equipment that often has various functions depending on where you want to use them. For this category, the sporty style can be divided into three: hiking, diving, and travelling. These are styles differentiated by their purpose and overall look.

Hiking Style

hiking style men's accessories along with watches

Hiking is a rigorous, difficult, yet rewarding trip. This mountaineering activity requires a field watch capable of various functions besides telling time such as compasses, thermometer, and environment-related features such as barometers and altimeters.

The common accessories that go with this include pocket knives, Swiss knives, and flashlights, giving you the best set for travelling to the great wilderness. Pocket or Swiss knives are tools that can get you through tricky situations and matter a lot when getting lost. Flashlights give you sight in the darkness for identifying directions or when on worst case scenarios, you get lost in the darkness.

Field watch + Swiss knife + Flashlight = Hiking Style

Overall, this exudes an air of adventure, toughness, and love for the great outdoors. Adventures on hikes are usually made by people who have a certain love for thrills and excitement.

Diving Style

diving watch & accessories

When travelling, beaches and the ocean is almost definitely a part of the places you wish to see and experience. This would then require you to wear a durable diving watch to withstand the strength and pressure from the ocean.

The most common accessories for this type of travel include bracelets and anklets that often give out the type of adventure you prefer. Since going in the water means having to remove clothes, an anklet and bracelet will be the best accessories worn that won’t be affected much by swimming or going underwater for quite some time.

Diving watch + bracelet + anklet = Diving Style

Overall, the diving style is seen as cool and fun, giving it a light feel and a friendly outlook. People would see this as an approachable look for its love for adventure.

Travelling Style

travelling style wristwatch & accessories

Marathons, outdoor travels, and a lot of land-based adventures are quite common for people who want to get that weekend getaway without the need for hiking or swimming. These often provide a lot of style options since you won’t be needing any special tools or equipment for your trips. A sports watch is the best option to keep your travels stylish.

Accessories for this type vary since there are multiple styles possible for travelling. There aren’t any special considerations on what to wear besides what you feel comfortable with when going out. Belts, bracelets, and necklaces are oftentimes the most preferred items. Because of their flexibility, these three can go together very well or can create multiple combinations depending on the preferred style.

Sports watch + Belt = Travelling Style

Sports watch + Bracelet + Belt = Travelling Style

Sports watch + Bracelet + Necklace + Belt = Travelling Style

Overall, the travelling style shows an air of fun, light-hearted adventure. People who wear this style are seen as those who love travelling and are often fun to be with.

Formal Style

formal style men's watch & accessories

The formal style is a bit more restricted when it comes to dressing up as it requires a different set of accessories for this category. An elegant dress watch is often the best choice to go when attending formal events. This ensures that the formality is adhered to and won’t mess your entire look.

For the limited set of accessories of this style, we have cuff links, belts, ties, collar tips, and tie pins as the most commonly used. These accessories are small and affect the overall style minimally but have greater effects when combined into a set. Because of the very limited options men wear on formal events, these accessories are almost always used besides wristwatches.

Dress watch + Belt + Collar tips + Cuff links = Formal Style

Dress watch + Belt + Ties +Tie Pins + Cuff links = Formal Style

Overall, this style is seen as serious, stylish, and elegant. The level of elegance can vary with the type of get up you prefer so these accessories actually help dictate the air you exude and must be chosen carefully.

Casual Style

casual style men's favorite accessories besides watches

Everyday clothing is the most lax when it comes to styling. It can be anything that makes you comfortable at home, or anything that you want to make you look or feel like. Either way, the casual style fits almost every wristwatch but shines the best with simple dress watches.

A casual get up is usually anything under the sun, so the accessories that go with it are really up to you. Bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and belts are the usual accessories worn when donning this style. These are all effortless to wear and can be mixed with each other or worn as a whole depending on what you want to look like for the day.

Dress watch + Belt = Casual Style

Dress watch + Bracelet + Anklet = Casual Style

Dress watch + Belt + Bracelet + Anklet = Casual Style

Overall, the casual style, coupled with these accessories, gives out the boy-next-door look. This combination is seen being worn by a casual guy who can be friendly, easy to get along with, or ready to go out with friends.

Men, accessories, and character

men's favorite accessories besides wristwatchesOftentimes, the accessories we choose to wear define us. Coupled with our preferred wristwatches, there are certainly combinations that should be coupled with, and some that should not. These sets usually define who we are, sending out a message to those who see us as to who we are and the atmosphere we give off.

We can look friendly or serious depending on the style we choose to go out with. Wristwatches often set a tone for our style, but the accessories define the overall appearance we want to express. Making any change in accessorizing can make or break a style. Keep in mind that wearing accessories should be comfortable and come as your second nature because the one being expressed is you and nobody else.

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