What Does a Watch Tell about You?

Watches aren’t just guardians of time; they are the gateway to one’s soul. In some civilizations, it is even believed that if the eyes are the soul’s window, then watches are its door. Or at least that’s what it is prophesized. The way I’d like to interpret that is that every stylistic choice we make reflects our deepest wishes,  our sense of fashion and our own ethos.

From what I gather, there are a couple of traits that tend to get glued to one’s character, whether conscious or unconscious. Trending the newest watch might be your monthly ritual, or perhaps you’re sporting more along the lines of traditional timepieces; whatever the case, each piece carries a little hidden message that distinguishes between being gauche and being parsimonious.

Considerate and Punctual, Adventurous and Practical   

Studies show that wearing a watch — apart from telling the time — serves as an indicator of your fundamental principles to care for others. Respecting someone else’s time immediately brands you as a person of class, and in return people respect you even more. It also shows that you are being mindful of what you wear, when and how you match your watch with your clothing and so on. These are the things that take you a stair above tradition, though you are certainly one who values it even more than other digital natives.

However, you are building a sand castle if you are diverting your attention only to that one aspect. Brands, too, have a significant role in making that distinction, so when on the lookout for watches, these are things that you absolutely must know before making any decision.

Affordable watch Brands

While mostly cheap and affordable, these watches can be a good alternative if you are looking for some fashionable item that does not cost a fortune. There are some brands like Seiko, Citizen and Bulova – off the top of my head – that seemingly blend into an everyday style. Just don’t wear one at red carpets, all right?

Besides, military style or survival watches are also a good choice if you want to show your masculinity. Some prestige names are Casio, Timex, Suunto or Luminox…

High- profile Brands                                                                                                                  

Nothing says spendthrift like Bvlgari or Richard Mille. If you are aiming for outrageous – congratulations, you’ve achieved your goal. These watches usually go hand in hand with Ferraris or Lamborghinis, the live for the night, or king of the streets kind of vibe that people often tag as shallow. Though, who’s to say that being a king once in a while isn’t a good thing?

Eternal, Evergreen Brands

The main course, the feast de resistance!

Rolex, IWC, Cartier, Omega, Patek Philippe

Yes, these are the watches people with stature and poise usually feast on. They echo success, not money or power, although there are always exceptions to the rule. The easiest way to tell is by these lines: “if you’ve earned it, you can wear it.” Also, flashing and dashing your new Rolex or Patel Philippe speaks rather large volumes about you, and not in a good way.

The secret to accessing the elite cult of class is by you wearing and being one with the watch instead of it wearing you; you don’t go show and tell; you are conservative, subtle and elegant – the triple threat.

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