Famous Dive Watch Brands

Watch is the perfect companion of all adventurous people and if you love exploring the underwater world, dive watch is a must have stuff in your wrist. It was long back in 17th century when the first timepieces were being used under water and with the increasing needs several explorer watches were made in 19th century.

Rolex is the brand to make first waterproof and dustproof watch Oyster and with this revolutionary watch divers can go 100m deep in the water. But according to the history, it was Omega that came out with Omega Marine, a famous diver watch at industrial level first in 1932.

Not only that they were the first to produce wriswatches,nowadays, Swiss brands are still famous for their high quality, admirable craftmanship, as well as undisputed classiness. Despite the rise of Japanese affordable watches, they still stand out among the market competition and make the best watches of any type, of course, including dive watches.

For your reference, the most famous Swiss dive watch brands are listed here.


Rolex submariner

Rolex, the Swiss brand is a big name in the world of watches and its popularity remains same since the beginning of this brand. This brand has to offer a lot to all the adventurers and if you are specifically looking for a sturdy dive watch, this is the brand for that. Rolex Submariner was the first dive watch from this company capable of taking 100m water pressure. But now things has been changed a lot and a revolutionary model from Rolex, the Roles Deep sea and Deep sea challenge can support up to 3900 m water pressure. The legendary Submariner is also the most imitated watch of all time!


Omega seamaster

This is another popular name in the watch world and the history says that it is Omega that firstly produced dive watch at the industrial level with Omega Marine in 1932. After that they came out with several watches but the one named as Omega Seamaster made in 1948 stole everyone’s attention by its excellent features. Omega Seamaster is the perfect timepiece for true underwater adventurers and it is seen in most of the James Bond movies since 1995.


Victorinox dive watch

Victorinox is one of the most popular dive watch brands that generated several unique timepieces over time and Divemaster 500 is the most preferred and loved by all. This model has limited editions but this light weight and super resistant model is well enough to win the heart of adventurers with this limited edition only. Dive master 500 titanium is made with 43mm thick titanium base with a titanium bracelet that helps you go 500m down in the water.


IWC dive watch for men

IWC is a very popular brand to produce excellent diver watch lines and their most unique and latest dive watch is the IWC Acquameter that is packed with a unique perpetual calendar. The rubber coated titanium case and 18 carat red gold bezel made it the top quality dive watch that is also equipped with a larger 49 millimeter case.


Tudor Heritage men's diver's watch

If you are concerned about the style, loads of elegance and a vintage look, this is the brand to go for which also carries a rich heritage. Tudor’s Black Bay is the great creation for divers that got various editions with time and now the latest version Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue is just amazing packed with useful features with which you can go a long deep in the water.

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