How Dive Watches Evolved From Diving Tools To Style Icons

Watches on the whole has got a new look and style in the past. This is because the watch has now become a style statement for many. The young generation may spend many dollars for that style statement; they are keen on adding a sport watch in their collection despite of the heavy price difference. The diver’s watch is now new prized possession for many. The diver’s watch comes with heavy look with double dial and rich look. This watch which was a tool initially for the divers has now undergone many advances and is not a tool watch anymore.

Sleek and modern design

The initial design of the diving watch was like a tool but now it has become a fashionable accessory than a functional accessory. Now whatever meaning the watch is assigned; it looks fashionable and a style status for many. The watch outlets now have bolder look watches, diving watches, the chronographs, so the simple classic ones have taken a back seat. Now a man does not buy a phone depending on its specifications, rather is going for its look and design.

dive watch style icon
Diver’s watches now become a style icon rather than a mere diving tool

A man buying a diving watch does not necessarily is a diver; he might be buying the watch just for the style and statement it provides. The modern look of the watch has made it desirable by every group of man. It has now become image quotient and the divers watch tops the list.

Popularity of the dive watch

Some people still wonder about the popularity that the dive watches have gained in the recent years. The main concern in the popularity is the vintage bold look along with style of the dial it offers. The world’s first dust proof and water proof watch by Hans Wilsdorf is the basis of the brand Rolex which everyone wish to own. His innovation has pushed the diving tool to asset and style statement. The watch was designed to tell the time of the dive, which now does not seem to be the criteria of the diving watch.

The diving watches has modified to an extent of imagination of water resistance of 2000 ft which is somewhat impossible. If any diver buys that watch, he is not going so deep. This advancement is because of the popularity of the sport watch. Many watch companies have developed different watch ranges that are fitted for the diving professionals as well as common people like, IWC announced a Aquatimer that will have a perpetual calendar along with the digital date month display, which is an add-on feature to the earlier models of it. Likewise the TAG Heuer’s line of watches has announced the Aquaracer line with new features that still is the desirable model. The Rolex has stated to deliver watches that not only are capable for deep-sea but will be more wearable along with the features of a Sea Dweller. They are planning to incorporate a valve that adjusts itself instantly and allows the wearer to adapt to a wetsuit.

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