Unspoken Rules Of Wearing A Watch

As men’s only accessory, wristwatches are not just for time-telling, but also for showing identity & style! When it comes to fashion & style, there are always unspoken rules that we should not break.

It’s not only about your watch, but it’s also about how you use it that tells people who you are!

Following are some unspoken rules that you should notice when wearing a wristwatch, simple but vital!

Wear it not too tight, not too loose

It’s critical to adjust your watch band until it fits your wrist perfectly.

If the band is too tight, you would feel uncomfortable yourself. Itchy skin & sweating is almost inevitable. It’s not to say that sometimes the crown will stick out and stab into the back of your hand. Moreover, your wrist certainly does not look good being suffocated by the watch band, the imprints left on skin are no sexy!

tight watch band
This is too tight! (Via: forum.tz-uk.com)

On the other hand, wearing your watch too loose is also a big No-No! Wristwatches are for us men to look stronger & bolder, so don’t treat them as ladies’ bracelets. The watch should firmly stay on your wrist. If it can go back and forth over one inch along your wrist, then you should adjust the band! It’s also for better protection of your watch, wearing it too loose might cause more damages to the case & crystal overtime!

loose watch band
And this is too loose (Via: www.watchrepairny.com)

Wear your watch on your non-dominant wrist

As you know, we often use our dominant hand for most of the tasks. So if you wear your watch on the dominant wrist, chances are, it will bump against things and accumulate scratches, or even worse, the crystal might be cracked. If your beloved timepiece is a dive watch with painted bezel, it’s really a pain in the ass to find a replacement bezel when your old one already had enough of scratches!

wear watch on non-dominant wrist

After all, if you still decide to wear your watch on the dominant wrist but don’t want to hurt it, the only choice is to minimize your hand & arm movements, which is not only uncomfortable but also make you look clumsy & “try-hard.”

Beware of how & when you check your watch

The watch is there on your wrist to tell you time, right! But it doesn’t mean you could check it anytime & anywhere you want! It’s a sensitive issue.

check your watch

Don’t ever check your watch multiple times when you have a conversation with someone, or you are on a date. It tells the other person that you just want to leave! If you really need to check the time, try to read it at a quick glance! Men’s watches are not small, so more often than not, you can easily read the dial from any angle.

Don’t touch another man’s watch

Some people actually don’t like others to touch their watch, even if this act comes right after praise.

By touching their watch, you will leave your handprints on the dial and strap. Some people are okay with it, but some just simply feel annoyed, because they want their timepiece to be clean, silver-polished all the time. It’s due to the force of habit, respect it!

Beware when wearing a dive watch with formal suit

wear dive watch with business suit

Dive watches were initially made for scuba diving. However, with time, they’ve become a fashion accessory that sometimes can go with formal apparels.

The classic Rolex Submariner (and its homages) is an example. After appearing in numerous James Bond movies, this watch has become an icon of classiness, so lots of businessmen choose it to be their everyday watch, not just for diving.

But at the end of the day, these diving pieces are still sports watches, so they tend to look bolder and thicker than regular dress watches. You must notice this trait of theirs when matching them with your outfits.

The bezel should not be too thick so that the watch can fit under your shirt cuff. The dial should look as simple & clear as possible, not too crowded or hi-tech. The color tones should be dark (black, navy blue, etc.) or silver, avoid hot colors like orange or yellow!


Selecting the right watch is no easy, so we must learn to use it in the way that’s not only useful & convenient but also able to help us create good impressions in the eye of other people.

I hope those simple tips above will be of some help to you!

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