Swiss Army Victorinox Dive Master 500 Review

Dive Master 500 watches represent a premium collection of dive watches from Victorinox. These dive watches are among the most reliable in their class. Their rugged, robust and functional characteristics make them a popular choice among divers and dive watch enthusiasts alike.

Let’s explore the great Victorinox Dive Master 500 collection… one that certainly lives up to the Swiss Army name.


Victorinox Swiss Army, the Brand, the Myth, the Legend

Okay, I know that may be a little dramatic, but here’s the thing. That’s kind of how I felt about the Swiss Army name as a kid. It’s one of those brands that has always had a mystique and aura surrounding it. At least that’s how I see it. I remember as a kid, receiving a handful of Swiss Army Knives as gifts over the years. They have proven to be some of my favorite, and certainly, most useful possessions throughout my life. They were very high quality and just really damn cool. And if you ever had one, you know how sharp those suckers were. I have a few scars on my fingers to prove it!

Anyway, I think that very quality, usefulness, and coolness is what has established the Swiss Army brand as one of high distinction. And it has certainly proven to stand the test of time.

The company has been around for over 100 years, and began making watches in 1989. And in the past 27 years they have solidified themselves as a premium maker of timepieces. At some point, they added the Victorinox name in an effort to distinguish the brand from some of the many copy cats.

If you think about it, Victorinox Swiss Army (which is sometimes referred to as VSA) is the perfect choice for a dive watch. Dive watches are cool, rugged, and useful… all things that we typically associate with VSA.

Enter the Victorinox Dive Master 500

These are solid watches folks. True craftsmanship, high quality construction, accurate Swiss quartz or mechanical movement, great finish and fit, sapphire crystal, excellent ratcheting bezel, and gorgeous dial work which is expertly highlighted with Super Luminova. These watches glow brilliantly and rival some of their more expensive counterparts.

What does the 500 stand for? As you may have guessed, the watch is water resistant up to 500 meters. That’s about 1650 feet, which should be sufficient. I for one hope I never get that deep!

And one of the best things about the Victorinox Dive Masters is that they’re available in so many styles. The face comes in a multitude of colors. And you can get the rubber strap in the same color. You can also match the colored face with a metal bracelet in your chosen finish. And speaking of the finish, it’s available in brushed steel or titanium, a dark gun metal finish, gold tone and more.

With all of these options comes a range of prices. You can find the base models for under $500, and the higher end models are a $1000 plus. Whatever the price, you’re getting a great watch.

What About Features?

Oh, it’s loaded with lots of other features as well. For a flawless view, it boasts a triple coated anti-reflection, scratch resistant sapphire crystal over the dial to fight glare.

The case is a strong and well-crafted, with a mix of polished and brushed details that give it a unique look of distinction. The bracelet is available in stainless steel and rubber. By the way, the straps are Swiss made as well.

A range of color options is available as well. You’ll find everything from orange or purple, blue, black or white…and a few others as well. And you can get the rubber bracelet in the matching color or just black.

The Dive Master 500 really hits it’s mark in regard to comfort and feel as well. The size is large enough to feel rugged and masculine, yet not rob you of your comfort. And both the steel and rubber straps are exceedingly pleasing on the wrist. Countless reviews give high marks for comfort.


Which Dive Master 500 Is Right For Me?

Have you read enough, and know that this is the watch for you? Perhaps now is a good time to go over the various models you can choose from.

The Dive Master 500 Quartz

This is the base model. It comes with a rubber strap, and has quartz movement. Steel bracelet is also available.

The Dive Master 500 Titanium

The Titanium model builds on the original, offering the same look, features and quartz movement, but upgrading to a titanium case and bracelet, which yields a stronger yet lighter watch than its predecessor. The brushed finish looks great on the wrist.

The Dive Master 500 Mechanical

Growing on the success of the quartz models, Victorinox eventually released the Dive Master 500 Mechanical for those of us who prefer a battery free movement. The self-winding mechanical movement is what really distinguishes this model from the others. It too is available with steel and rubber straps, and is available in several colors and finishes.

The Dive Master 500 Titanium – Mechanical Chronograph Limited Edition

With a grade 2 titanium case and sand blasted mat grey finish, this watch is picture of strength and beauty. This one is my personal favorite of all The Dive Masters. It’s just got lots of those little details that make it stand out and command attention. It’s got a helium release valve in case you need one of those. (You do not, and neither do I, but they’re still cool!) It’s also got two-toned luminescence which makes it extremely easy to read in difficult circumstances. It looks stunning really. The face also has a nice vertical line detail which adds a touch to this already stunning piece.

Not a Bad Choice in the Lot

Would you agree? Pretty impressive lineup if you ask me. You really can’t go wrong here. The Dive Master is just a great looking watch with all the features you need, at a price that makes it hard to deny.


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