Simple tips on maintaining your cherished dive watch

If you are like me, wristwatch wouldn’t mean a mere accessory or a time telling tool to you. There’s a kind of special attachment between a watch-enthusiast and his timepiece. Thus I normally don’t abuse my watch till the day it dies, but trying to take good care of it. I want my beloved watch to stay with me as long as possible. In this writing, I will share with you some simple tips on maintaining a dive watch, hope that they will be of some help to you!

Avoid collision with hard surfaces

Scratches make your watch less attractive, they steal the gorgeousness from the watch. Therefore, you should protect your watch from hard surfaces as much as possible. Don’t swing your arm when walking in a narrow path, or else your watch face would bump into the walls. Whenever you put your watch on a desk, be gentle and place it on the desktop with the watch face upward.

Find a bezel replacement

The bezel is the most vulnerable part of a dive watch, it takes most physical abuses for the watch face. Unfortunately, a painted bezel can’t be polished like the crystal or the case, you have to replace it with a total new one when it’s heavily scratched. Not all watch models have their bezel replacements available, so you should check this information before making a purchase. Ceramic bezels are scratch-resistant, but they’re too brittle and more expensive than painted metal ones, every choice has its own imperfectness.

Rinse your watch carefully after diving

As you know, sea water is not good for metal. It not only contains a lot of salt, but also has many toxic elements to your watch. Sand is another problem, too. It can make the bezel bind. After each dive, you should rinse your watch in fresh water to eliminate all of those things, take care of every corner of the watch!

Avoid hot temperature

Every kind of machine needs to avoid overheating to some level. We would never bring our cell phones to a hot tub, but with wristwatches, especially dive watches… sometimes we forget to take them off! We think that they’re built to go with us everywhere. Yeah, a good dive watch can survive a 660-feet scuba dive, but a few hours in hot tub… I’m not sure!

Service the watch every 3 years

Any dive watch need servicing at least every 3 years. The movement, gasket, case back, etc… Your watch has to work without cease, and suffer a lot of physical abuses, thus servicing is very necessary to maintain its good-condition. Find a trust worthy jeweler to get the job done!

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