Remove Cyclops From Invicta Watches

The Cyclops on this Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB is a pain in the ass to some

While a Cyclops over the date window might be a great addition on some watches, it is not the same for Invicta timepieces. The brand took inspiration from the design of the Rolex Submariner to introduce the Cyclops, but it did not do as good a job. The Cyclops on Invicta watches is a rather clumsy addition that is not only prone to scratches, but also gathers dust and taint, making it difficult to read the date instead of facilitating it.

So here’s a super easy and simple trick to scrape out the Cyclops from your Invicta watches like it was never there.


Heating mineral crystal using this method involves the risk of cracking it, so implement this method at your own risk.

Tools Required:

  • Diagonal or straight razor blade
  • Lighter with blue flame

Here’s a tutorial video showing you how to remove the Cyclops:


  1. Using a blue-flamed lighter, apply heat to the Cyclops until its edges begin to puff and turn white. This means that the Cyclops is ready to be scraped.
  2. If the edges do not turn white within 5 seconds, remove the flame and let the Cyclops cool down. Then heat it again for not more than 2 seconds with 2 second intervals in between, until the edges turn white.
  3. Once the edges puff, scrape the Cyclops gently using a diagonal or straight razor blade. It should come off smoothly.
  4. To remove the residue left behind by the Cyclops, gently rub that spot with a cloth dipped in strong solvent or alcohol.


  • This method should ONLY be used to remove Cyclops from Invicta watches. Do NOT try this on Rolex watches or some other luxury timepieces because they’re different.
  • Do NOT heat the crystal for more than 5 seconds at once, otherwise it can cause it to pop out or crack.
  • Do NOT touch the Cyclops immediately after it has come off the crystal as it will be too hot.

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