Why “Diver’s” Is One Of The Most Popular Styles Of Wristwatch Now?

The entry of advanced gadgets was considered to be the beginning of an era where the watch ultimately fades away into a thing of the past. But men have held their love for watches too close to their heart to give up on this accessory soon. Watches have held the undivided attention and fascination of men around the world for a long time now. Very often money knew no bounds when it came to building the ultimate watch collection.

Of the types of watches that men fancy in their collection, the dive watch is the most versatile, durable and legendary. The reach of dive watches is broad. From the board room to the boat dock, there is no limit to the places where you can wear a dive watch. It keeps time with a stylish, practical flair and even those who know nothing about diving, often sport this water-resistant brute for a dip in the pool.

Perhaps the most distinctive reason why it is one of the most popular styles of wristwatch now is its versatility. The rugged look combined with its intriguing features makes it a timepiece worthy of possession. Technology may have rendered the watch obsolete as new watches with enhanced technology offered more to the divers and made it easy for them to track elapsed time. However, the watch retains its popularity and it remains a symbol of adventure and bravery.

Some of the features of the dive watch that add to its popularity are:

Extreme Water Resistance

The most obvious characteristic of the dive watch is its water resistance. The thick crystals and heavy construction keep this timepiece from imploding. So, it can be worn everywhere regardless of the environment. This thing makes the dive watches popular among the men because men like a watch which can cling on their wrist everywhere.

Rotating Bezel

Besides being perfect for an easier time reading of elapsed time from a specific point while in water, the rotating bezel also adds a sporty and rugged look to the watches. Men like to sport masculine look, this is one of the points to prefer dive watches over others

Luminous Hand and Markers

Dive watch comes with broad hands, dial and bezel markers are well coated with luminous paint so that the divers can check time even in darkness. Besides offering the readability, the broad hands and luminous dial also have a big role in showing off your sense of style and this is the reason most of the youngsters are choosing dive watches over others.

Expandable watch bands

Dive watches come with expandable watch bands which makes it easier for the wearers to sport different looks by wearing the watch the way they want, for example, over the sleeves, little loosely or any other way.

With all of these features, and its rugged looks, the dive watch is a favorite among men. Its necessity for divers may have ended, but its popularity is yet to fade away. The versatile dive watch is one of the most popular styles of wristwatches today.

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