Submariner homages – What do you think about them?

The Rolex Submariner is the most imitated dive watch of all time. Many diving pieces in market, from low-price to luxury, take inspiration from the Submariner to some level. Some watches even have over 80%,90% of their details similar to this iconic Rolex watch. What do you think about these Submariner homages? Are they a good choice, or just a clumsy copied version of a prestigious timepiece?

In my opinion, these Submariner homages can offer true values, it depends on the watchmakers who produced them! They’re different to lots of cheaply made Rolex replicas that you can buy with just a few bucks.

Submariner homages can be produced by big brands, such as Invicta, Orient, Timex…They’re not high-class names, but their products’ quality has been attested overtime. Reliable movement and well-made body are what you can expect from these Rolex homages.

invicta rolex homage
Invicta Pro Diver 8926 – one of the best-known Submariner’s homages

When it comes to design, some wearers want to own a unique-style watch, but others just care about whether the watch looks good on their wrist. I’m of the latter type. When buying a new dive watch, firstly I want to know the brand, then the quality and finally the design. Uniqueness is something I don’t pay much attention to. So if my watch is 90% similar to the Submariner, it’s totally okay to me. Some people might ask if the watch on my wrist is a Rolex or a Rolex’s replica. In these cases, I just make it clear to them that my watch is not an authentic or fake Rolex, but it’s from another brand.

Copying is very common in the field of fashion, especially accessories. It’s really difficult to find a watch that 100% unique-styled, it will look similar to some other watch in a few aspects. That’s why I don’t pay attention to uniqueness when buying a new watch.

Above is my opinion about Submariner homages, how about yours?

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